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The Ventriloquist  product line includes The VENTRILOQUIST - Voice Release, a patented system for trap or skeet, and the DEALER machine controllers. All products have a one year warranty covering parts and labor.

For any questions regarding the VENTRILOQUIST and its components, please refer to the question and answer page. If this page is unable to answer your question(s), please email or call 1-800-445-3038.

DEALER (5-stand controller)

Ventriloquist Price List

To receive a video tape or demonstration diskette, call 1-800-445-3038 or Email

Click this link to download: Microsoft wmv format (91.8 MB) Demo Video

Click this link to download: mpg format (193 MB) Demo Video
High quality, but may be slow to download.

Click this link to download: RealPlayer format (9.8) MB Demo Video
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Note: Lapel Microphone is now standard. Throat Microphone shown in video is an option.

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